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Excuse me if I order now , how long will you be shipment in general?[ 2012-09-05 ]
Our factory production cycle is generally 60-90 days. Part of the hot-selling products, usually shipped 7-14 days.
What is you packing ?[ 2012-09-05 ]
We will design its independent packing according to the size of each type of artificial flowers and fix it in inside-box by strengthening paper ,ensure the flower in transit will not be due to excessive squeezing deformation. Typically, before each shipment, sample products packaging situation, and upon request, relevant pictures distributed to the guests.
I know that some artificial flowers products easy to fall off the flower heads ,leaves and cloth edge crack yarn, I wonder if your company with a similar problem ?[ 2012-09-05 ]
The types of artificial flowers produced petals varied shapes to be dyed and pressed piece to piece gradually , manual assembly and tedious, all parts of the junction is almost always with glue, there will inevitably be falling of the flower head, leaves and cloth edge crack yarn very serious, even facing so many difficulties, our professional team are able to provide the most superior quality to ensure that each manufacturing process of our artificial flowers products go through rigorous testi
I am worried that the artificial flower products I buy deviate with the color of the model, how to solve?[ 2012-09-05 ]
The color of the flower is usually 5-10 kinds of solid color weaving a rich sense of color, mix through the formula palette and manpower dye . We will pursue the most excellent quality, even if they can not be entirely consistent with the model 100%, we will consistency control in the following limits:1. Main colors (background) of 95%, 90% depth;
When I select artificial flower products, can you send me the sample to confirm and order?[ 2012-09-05 ]
The guests can select model according to the needs, once we receive a sample fee will arrange to make a model and send the model in accordance with the request completion time. The two sides will sign a new order after your confirmation of the model.
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